Addons and Boosts - Only what you need!

We offer a variety of optionals Addons and Boosts that can improve your experience and add some Bells & Whistles to your website!

2x Server CPU Boost

Increase your Server CPU By 2x

$10.00 / month

Uptime Monitoring Notification

Get notified instantly if the website goes down!

$10.00 / month

Super CDN Boost

Add Content Delivery Network to your website to speed the website!

$19.00 / month

+5 Pages

Get upto 5 Additional Pages for your website

$50.00 / month

2x Daily Backup

Get 2x Number of Daily Backups

$10.00 / month

2x Server RAM Boost

Increase your Server RAM By 2x

$10.00 / month